Can you hear the dogs barking?


I'll admit that the title makes no sense to the article which you may or may not finish reading. For those that don't finish reading (which would be the majority of you) you should take that decision as a symptom of your social disposition. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that you are one of the hundreds of thousands that are just here for the quick immediate needs, and if those needs aren't meant you are done reading. Don't be too alarms as that may be considered the new norm. You see, society has become so greedy and in need of immediate pleasure that if that is not met, they move on to the next item that may or may not give them pleasure. I am not sure exactly what or where this all started, it is easy enough to blame social media, or Facebook if you like.

If you are one of the millions of people that have a Facebook account ( and by the laws of average you do) your quite aware of what I am talking about. For instance, have you posted something on your Facebook wall that went into detail, or went beyond where people had to select the "show more" link of the post to open it up to show the entire post that you made? Something that you know would take someone a few minutes to read and go through. Then you noticed how quickly people liked it, or commented on it, clearly so fast that you know they did not have time to read it, but merely just liked it. That is what is wrong with social media. well one of the things anyway. There is very little content in social media....

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