This is the time of day that reminds me of the days of school, or the morning before Christmas. It's the start of a new day, a new adventure with the unknown that lain in wait.

Mondays traditionally are the beginning of the work week where everyone displays or acts completely miserable, as if they couldn't go on, with the exception of having coffee. It really is just another day, make the most of it.

A new day can make someone very anxious as there may be something that needs to be addressed that day, something that gives them butterflies or makes them so anxious they just want to hide under the covers and not get out of bed. Two different extremes.

The latter generally just needs a bit more encouragement. I myself have been in positions like that where I dread the day, and what may need to be done that day.

I can remember in my early years being apprehensive about doing something so as not to look like a fool, in a room full of other peers that are there for the same reason that I am. Suppose you are in a classroom, and today the objective is how to replace a valve on a furnace. Nobody in the class has a clue how to perform the task, at least until after the instructor has shown us. So now the instructor calls for volunteers to come up and apply the technique that was just explained. I used hide so I didn't get called to the front to look like a complete ass.

Eventually that behaviour would change as I grew older. I would notice that others in a learning environment knew what they were doing either, and it was all a part of the learning curve. Once I identified this feeling, I immediately began jumping up and into the challenges a teacher/presenter offered. Better to be the first and make a mistake than the last and still not get it was my thinking.

I have found as I matured and grew both mentally and professionally the same holds true when counselling an employee about anything. The process of meeting with an employee can be just as daunting for the employer, as it is for the employee. So why do we get so worked up? I mean after all we're just communicating ideas and discussing a concern. I find it funny how the human mind can be so intimidating, even to ones self.

As I have grown and learned from mentors/predecessors I have gleaned from them that the old adage "it is what it is" and try not to sweat the small stuff. When I need to talk to an employee, or when my employer needs to talk to me I go in with a coach like attitude, my guard is down, and my anxiety is also down. If my employer needs to talk to me I go in knowing that he had picked me for the job, and he is just coaching me.

Often times it may be just something that we are not aware of that we may be doing. I think it is important that employers do this for their employees for many reasons. Think about it this way, how often has anyone ever told you something that you were not aware of, something that was being done behind your back that you wished you knew about? Often times even your best friend may not even let you know, sad to say. That's human nature, people are not always truthful, some more than others.

Having someone that you work with, that you trust, providing you information from staff that may be talking about behind your back may be hard to accept, but at least someone is letting you know. Receiving this information can be hard to accept. You may feel like you can't trust your co-workers any more. Just remember this, you have a confidant in the other office that may be your direct supervisor, but at least they are talking to you about something that you need to know.

You've got this, young grasshopper. Everyday is a training day that we all learn from.

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