We spend a fair amount of time of our lives at work, well at least most of us. It is inevitable that people or co-workers will get on your nerves. If you really think about it, you're with co-workers almost as long as you are with family and even family can get on your nerves.

I have a few of those that get on my nerves, both at work and family members. The funny thing is, most of the time they don't even realize how annoying they can be.

How about that co-worker that irritates the shit out of you just by breathing, and being there. Every breath they take is like listening to someone grunt while they breathe.

The co-worker that constantly eats. From the time they arrive at work, until they leave at the end of the day. When they aren't eating they are answering the phone with a mouth full of food.

The co-worker that has to use the same chair or piece of office equipment because it is their favorite, and no other will do.

What about the fake co-worker? Everyone knows this type of person. They interact flimsily with others, from their fake laugh to the lack of engagement they show when in a conversation with you. That person that clearly isn't paying attention just by appearing to be aloof.

Oh, and don't forget the busybody. This is the person that is on everything, from your conversion with another co-worker, to even your personal calls.

The inconsiderate co-worker. This is the one who takes that last cup of coffee and doesn't make the next pot. Or the one who uses the last piece of paper in the printer and doesn't reload the tray. They open the window in the winter because they are too hot. Well, maybe if you didn't constantly eat you wouldn't be so hot and heavy.

The co-worker that doesn't pull their own work, they just shows up and works whenever they feel like it, regardless that others have gone out of their way for them.

Don't forget the co-worker that complains about everyone and everything that goes on. This is the same co-worker that will try to be friendly to you and ask what you are doing this weekend.

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