When I first heard the song "Society" by Eddie Vedder, from the movie soundtrack "Into the Wild", I thought, he "nailed it"!

Have you ever sat back and just observed our society, and what we as a culture do on a daily basis? I mean really, have you ever paid attention to our (others) behavior and how we interact with each other? I'll list a few examples:


Seriously, we need to rely on a digital image to express our present emotion, as opposed to discussing it by using words to express it? We even see these in the adult world now, no longer left to the adolescent groups, but now as adults we are using these. From social media sites, to doctors offices we see these in action.

Social media;
This is a hard one, as there is an app for everything. I think some apps began as something with a sincere meaning to get people together, perhaps from afar, say distant friends. I mean really, after all snail mail evolved to email, which evolved to instant messaging, which brought us to social media such as Facebook, Twitter. Where did we realize we didn't have enough time to actually go visit with a friend, or call them on the phone and carry on a conversation?

Where has the quality of content gone too? When you could talk with someone there was a dialogue with content, you could communicate a lot with someone with more detail, and hear in their voice what they meant. We didn't need an emoji to describe it.

Our social media allows the user to instantly share their approval or disapproval of any given topic, that allows everyone to jump on the bandwagon if so desired. Look at me, look at me! What impact does this have on our society? Because you know as well as I do it turns into Facebook court. How does that impact our legal system? From our Cops on the street, to our Courts? Everyone has an opinion, be it all Cops are racist, to he/she is guilty, just put him in jail and throw away the key. Everyone is quick to judge, without so much as trying to understand what may have happened that led up to a certain event. No, they immediately post their opinion on Facebook without regard to the actual truth. We have seen that played out a lot with our law enforcement community over the last several years.

Public Shootings;

Here is a hot topic lately, and rightly so. People are sick and tired of the public shootings that take so many innocent lives, be it a school shooting, or the recent Las Vegas concert shooting. People want the shootings to stop. I think we all do, except for the next person planning their event. There are a lot of moving parts to this, and merely outlawing firearms will not solve it. But it takes rational thinking to discuss solutions, not emotions. We, society, are famous for quickly banning items that cause havoc to make it go away, the funny thing is we never learn from our mistakes. Let me mention a few that occur everyday;

Drug use, street drugs are illegal, banned from society and if you are caught you go to jail. We clearly cannot control the drug war, regardless of how much money we spend on it. Why is that? I mean we have already outlawed street drugs so everyone should have stopped right?

Alcohol, we tried to outlaw that and look how that turned out?

Gun violence will not stop until the cause and origin of it is addressed and dealt with. If you look at each shooting event, almost all of the shooters have or had a mental health issue. These are people that should not have access to any firearm to begin with. Mental health in this country is not being addressed seriously enough. Case in point Adam Lanza who was clinically diagnosed with depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He killed his mother before he turned on the children at Sandy Hook. There shouldn't have been firearms in that household.

Texting and Driving; illegal in most states yet many people do text and drive. Do we ban cars, or cell phones? Or maybe hold people accountable for their actions?

driving over the speed limit, a benign issue compared to active shooters, but who of us hasn't driven over the speed limit?

We all play a roll in our society issues. Creating a new law isn't going to solve anything, since in most cases there is already a law in place that would address the perceived issue if it was only enforced, by the police, but more importantly by you.

Public shootings are nothing new, take a look back in our American history alone and you will find it was an issue then. Probably not as well known then since we didn't have the media tools that we have today.

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